Detail Lab Cary

We are a mobile automotive detailing business in your area. We offer high-quality professional detailing services, including interior/exterior detailing, paint correction, seat shampoo, headlight restoration, clay bar/wax, and much more!

Our Work

We offer very unique packages based on the size of your car. Additional services can be purchased based on your personal preference.

Base Details (Interior & Exterior)

Sedan/Coupe : $170 

$120 Interior, $80 Exterior


2 Row SUV : $190

$130 Interior, $90 Exterior


3 Row SUV : $210

$140 Interior, $100 Exterior


Pickup Truck/Offroad Vehicle : $180

$130 Interior, $100 Exterior


Minivan : $230

$150 Interior, $110 Exterior

Additional Services

Paint Correction/ Ceramic Coating : Get Quote

Wax (paint decontamination recommended) : $20

Leather Conditioner and Protectant : $20

Bug Removal : $20

2-Step Paint Decontamination (incl. Clay bar, Iron Decon) : $50

3-Step Paint Decontamination (incl. Clay bar, Ceramic Wax, Iron Decon) : $80

Interior surface steam cleaning : $50

Full carpet and seat extraction with steam cleaning : $30 per row

Headlight Restoration : $70

Trim Restoration : $30

Customer Testimonials
Detail Lab Cary is not only about providing excellence in every detail but also providing our customers with the best customer service and car detailing. We pride ourselves on making your vehicle look brand new and treating you like family!

"They did a fantastic job getting my truck all cleaned up. It was full of sand, mud, turf and dog hair. Leather looks so clean and the carpets look amazing. Very happy with their attention to detail, pricing and communication."
Molly Hryn
"Second time I’ve used their services and really happy with their work again. I often stain my seats one way or another, and they get them lookin as close to new as possible given my older car. This company is my go-to for car detail/cleaning."
Dre Renee
"I had a great experience working with Detail Lab Cary. The crew showed up on time and worked diligently throughout the day. The cars looked brand new and I was very pleased with the attention to detail. I would absolutely hire them again based on their communication, professionalism and value."
Matthew Bracciante

Detail Lab Cary